Hatirjhil is “dying” ??


Add a new dimension to the city’s beauty slowly being turned into a death Hatirjhil project. Every day there are accidents. Various activities are incompatible.

A few days after the suicide hatirajhile affiliates, as well as road accidents. The road late at night, being organized motorcycle resao hatirajhile risky. This is happening due to casualty.

Microbus transporting passengers through the alleged illegal bookmarked older. But what’s going on with the tip of the nose. However, these microbus owner or the police!

Recently bookmarked, and the incoherence of the girls rushed towards the dying has published a report on the country’s leading daily.


According to the report, almost a regular event hatirajhile chinatai robbery. In the evening, a variety of anti-social activity is increasing. Despite a ban on entry of hawkers bookmarked project, there is always the presence of hawkers.