He is gradually transformed into rock. Do you know why?

    When the light of the Virgin gives birth to the child when he did not see any abnormalities, and ten of his mother’s lap as a child comes home with a smile. But after 15 days can be seen in the child’s skin is as tough as cobs.

    Creating a solid black skin … there again quickly when the child begins to be transformed into stone.
    Ramesh darji the child, now 11 years of age, whether that is becoming rare stones such as skin disease. Culakanisaha constantly causing excruciating pain and his skin is very hard rock has become barhiansa. The sight of these skin diseases because of its thin, can not even speak properly, and also has been folded paduto and can not walk alone. It is so awesome to see ramesake that other children do not mix with him, so he does not have any friends.

    Born in a poor family in a remote area of Nepal Ramesh. This treatment is too expensive. This is not a long time to cure diseases without ever leaving his parents had expected. However, social media Ramesh watched the video of the rare carmoroga come forward to help the British singer jarsa Stone.