He landed on the Moon, the identity !!


Dennis Hope. Moon overload. Yes, you heard the owner of the moon. 66-year-old former car selamyana this person claims he is the rightful owner of the moon.


Since 2004, he has won a referendum to seize the throne of the moon. They are shocked to hear those words? Cases of occupation of land around the moon for a long time, but said Hope, is not surprising. The original deed of ownership of the Moon is with him. Who did the deed, not the answer.

Hope also a country occupied by the League of Nations has declined to the moon. Dakhaladarite but did not disturb anyone. In addition, the issue of whether the court. According to the verdict or if the land ownership is established, then it is not unreasonable to claim ownership of the moon.


Hope claims to him the whole map of the Moon is everywhere. And with that Hope has come to sell land on the Moon. Share plots of land on the Moon has sold online.