He responded to that call ??

Sulullaha Prophet said that God does not call taalake or do not want to do anything to him; He was angry with the servant. So pray to God, pray to him something, seek help from Him all things classic and well-being for man. He is the servant of the Fifth reliable ground.

Hadith, that Allah will ask him anything isame ajamayukta by name; Allah will accept his call, he will respond. His prayer will be accepted.

Hazrat Buraidah reported that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him a man (Abu Musa) in the form of a voice say that-

The Messenger of Allah said, peace be upon him, Allah in His isame taalake Azam or the great and honorable name called; By which someone of his (God’s) something to pray, he gives it to him and call him by one of his answers. (Tirmidhi, Abu Daud, Mishkat).

Hadith Muslim Ummah to Allah the Almighty grant period. Isame ajamayukta him all the prayers given by the Almighty to pray. Amen.