Headache 60 seconds away!


    A headache is a pain. Quite uncomfortable the whole day to work with head pain. However, there are some ways in which domestic and 60 seconds will help to alleviate your headache.
    You can use this time to work in the office desk. Or you can go to a trip. Primary to eliminate a headache, it’s safe and scientific way. It would be great to cure a headache. However, you must go to the doctor certainly gone out of control.


    Acupressure: Acupressure For years, many people use to get rid of the headache asachenaei method is little domestic headache cure that will help you in a minute.

    Tarjanira the middle part of the left thumb and other fingers and thumb and press tarjani turning massage. In the same way the right hand. Experts said it is expected that one minute the pain of losing his head.
    Drink water: drinking water ekacumuka cure the headache will be useful to you in a minute. The pain tends to be wet when our body slowly kamelabanga some cloves in the pan to warm. Take hot cloves in a handkerchief. Take a minute and look at the scent of the headache is gone.

    Apple starved of salt: if the pain is more than a method to try parenaeka the domestic apple pieces and sprinkle a little salt, but it can take cibute. It will help you to quickly free of pain.
    Ginger can cibute: One Piece fresh ginger can also cibute headache will go away in 60 seconds. Although the process is a bit of a bad smell of ginger.


    Happy mind: Many people do not believe it is, but if the mind is positive and takes the headache will go away in 60 seconds. Do not try!