Heal painful piles easily


Hemorayeda very familiar piles or a disease. This disease occurs in around the house. 75% of people suffer from this disease in the United States of America. People aged 45 to 65 suffer from this disease, especially in more. This disease occurs in people of all ages at the present time. Anal pain, bleeding, swelling anus, burning piles of common problems.



Family history, constipation, low-fiber diet, obesity, physical activity, pregnancy, and prolonged standing or sitting, etc. occurs due to the piles. Usually drugs, piles treatment is surgery. Home to some of the ways to solve this problem.

1. Ice

One way to cure piles of snow in the domestic way. It keeps the blood vessels and blood flow in motion relieves pain. A few pieces of cloth around the ice to keep the pain at 10 minutes. To this day, several times.

II. Apple vinegar saidara


Apple vinegar saidara a cotton ball and apply it on the sore. This will cause irritation at the beginning, after a while the irritation is reduced. To this day, several times. A teaspoon of apple vinegar saidara internal hemorayedera a glass of water and mix. Drink it twice a day. You can take a teaspoon of honey mixed kidnappings.