Hilsa fish end of the day, coming milkaphisa Now!


Ilisake ace cyanasa fish to come to the Philippines. Hilsa fish has been known that the taste can be found. Twenty-four Parganas in West Bengal’s South Island and phrejaraganje Meanwhile, Henry has begun in the fishery. However, milkaphisa good name.


Many claimed that the popularity of this fish Hilsa handful of setting up the Bengalis. Milkaphisa Rs 400 per kg in the market can be found in Kolkata.

Maybe it will be like to meet the taste of milk Let Your Beard Down Bengalis.

Indian media said, as the fish is spreading beyond doubt that this is a new ray of hope cyanasa cyanasa fishery. The good name milkaphisa. This is the Philippines

National Fish. Twenty-four Parganas, South Island, while Henry has released a total of 3 of its seeds.

Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute in New Delhi from Calcutta cyanasa cyanasera seeds were brought by plane. Indian Fisheries Development department official said Bijan Roy, cyanasa milkaphisa cyanasa or greater is 5-6 kg. And the five delicious fish also have spines. They are not more than one meter in length.


Milkaphisera of the salt water of the Pacific Ocean. Sweet water, they grow up in comfort. The tie moves like Hilsa fish swarm. Came together at the time of egg laying estuary in search of fresh water.