How can a blood test to find out how long you will live!


If it is true, then there would be a revolution in medical science the whole of human society! Believe it or not, scientists at Boston University have claimed that they have invented a blood test, through which anyone can guess how long it will live. This research report was published Friday in the journal Aging Cell name.

5 thousand people bayomarkara data collected from blood donors for eight years, it is analyzed in terms of improving health.

The study is to identify the patterns that guide the future of good and bad. In particular, cancer, heart disease and diabetes risk, such as old-age diseases are detected. Overall, the researchers have produced 6 different bhabisyadbanipurna bayomarkara signed.



So, now enables us to identify patients early in their real sbasthajhumkigulo. As a result, you can take steps to avoid them before they sadhanerao behavioral changes