How can you be on your side now, thunder !!


We all have to be struck by lightning. But maybe on something that few people saw lightning. But you know what’s the word? Direct any man, animal or tree fell on the lightning, then there is no possibility to escape. However, if you were around then can be severely burnt.

Could you see any empty field or going through the deserted streets, and even rain during the storm with lightning began flashing. I do not understand exactly what to do. I think again of being afraid, when lightning falls on the head yani! Maybe go somewhere a little closer look at the situation from before
Had taken refuge. Many of us have the idea.

However, the idea that it is not correct. Because of bad luck, but at least one minute before time, you can get injured by lightning. That is the nature of the ‘wrath’ before reading your mind, but you have a chance to get the last warning.

So now you understand how lightning could be in your neighborhood? Since lightning is an electrical event, it is serakamarai satarkabartata. Kayekamuhurta before being electrocuted by lightning is in the area of air. The reason you do not mind your hair, or body hair before the lightning is going to be steep. That body still wants to go straight. Understand the coming disasters.