How do you go on holiday ??


If you are born in the West, according to the Sun jatika Sagittarius. Affecting the planets Jupiter and Uranus on you. Due to the strong influence of Uranus on your date of birth 4.

Your Happy Number: 4132231.
Happy colors: yellow and orange.
Happy Bar and planets: Jupiter and the sun.
Happy Gems: garneta and topaz.

Candrabasthana: Today, the moon will amount Capricorn. 5 mee lunar day and night: 11: 8 So far, the lunar day 6 sthi run.

Aries (March -২0 April 1): cakarijibira week as the start will be plenty busy. You can get a new job responsibilities. Doctors’ workload will increase. Real estate business may be busy with a new project.

Taurus (April 1 -২0 May): Good luck can be. Father, get help. Add to travel abroad for treatment strong. Father’s work can be in any trouble. Add to take part in religious and theological strong. Will get the opportunity to go abroad for higher education. Foreign business can expect to receive.

Gemini (May -২0 June 1): Due to hustle you can wear any trouble. Repeatedly to prevent vulnerabilities. Tagadaya bank loans may be unstable. Bimarsa you can press any illness or death. Add a hefty accident and surgery. Stay a little satarka streets.

Cancer (June 1 -২0 July) will be concerned a little bit about the business. Kantrakatari business contracting or may cause any type of disturbance. There is no reason to peek dispute with his wife. Partnership business will be setbacks. Daily work will be hindered due to mental instability. Land added to strong trading business.

Leo (July 21 to August 1): However, health to the body. From morning to realize sijenala wear disease outbreak. Operations could be any damage to your enemy. Subject to any kind against employees or co-workers will sarhayantra. Avoid anger and insistence, thandamathaya work.

Virgo (August 22-September X): boyfriend day full of trouble. To meet, but will not be able to meet unexpected way. Students can get involved in any trouble. Do not expect to get success in competitive examinations. Artists and writers forced to be a victim of harassment.

Libra (September 21 to October 3): the family environment can have some unfavorable. Locked in a dispute with the mother or any relative can wear. There will be bumps meet your expectations. Other barriers may be used repeatedly. Immovable property regarding land disturbance will be no sudden. No mechanical equipment damaged due to the risk of violence.

Star Scorpio (October -২0 November): Garments and textiles businesses can get any good news. The new order can be confirmed. Neighbor to discuss the chances of success. Digit plus any better news is expected. Learning and employment of younger brothers and sisters will get better results if no lobbying.

Sagittarius Star (1 November -২0 December) due to the recovery of money will succeed. There may be some disturbance retail and wholesale business. Food and drink businesses like restaurants add a hefty income. Kutambera relative is going to be coming home. Strong chance to take part in any social event.

Capricorn (December 1 -২0 January): influence will increase. Cakarijibira government can work better. Commercial communications business will increase. Fate will have the chance to improve. Courage and strength will be increased. Today will be successful effort to gain ground.

Aquarius (1 January -18 February) will increase the cost. May have to be prepared to travel. Aphisera to go somewhere far away in the strong added. There may be some trouble transport business. Will be the opportunity to travel abroad. Add to that the strong trading abroad. Abasana legal complications are expected. Tax and trade license can be busy.

Pisces (February -২0 March 19): You can collect the money due. You can get help in a big brother or sister. You can take part in the marriage of a friend. Adding a strong business with a friend abroad. Students can wear some trouble. No good could happen romantic.