How many cups of tea a day should not eat more than you know?

Those who do not like tea at all, they sip a cup of tea twice a day, at least one-handed. But quite how many cups of tea a day should eat their tea-lovers? Or how many cups of tea should be limited? Samajikabhabei or extracts from the chemical reaction, however, does not answer the question.

Did extensive research to find the answer. However, few studies have been small, 4-6 in the Cup rules need to be tied up. However, much depends on how many cups to eat on their own physical characteristics.

Several types of tea contain chemical substances. In addition, the amount of fluoride in your body and is capable of caffeine, depending on the issue. Saksasa fluoride to accept your body, if you can eat a lot of loose tea. But be careful tibyaga or instant tea mix.