How much have love in your heart? Check with a quiz!


    Love’s hearts a little more, some a little less heart again. Are you in love with that boy or girl who has been involved in about how healthy relationship is. Your boyfriend or girlfriend in the future will be able to meet his needs or hopes treats. If you’re one of them now, just by answering 10 questions to find out how much love in your heart to heart?

    1. What happened with your partner blame you for any disasters that happen?

    A. Absolutely not!
    B. sometimes
    C. Yes

    II. What is your preferred partner feedback?
    A. I have my own opinion and give maximum priority
    B. Sometimes, I suspect, and rely on his opinion
    C. Always rely on his opinion

    3. If you agreed with him to keep the peace?
    A. Rarely or never
    B. sometimes
    C. Always

    4. Your relationship Do you feel equal and valuable?
    A. Yes, equal and valuable
    B. I sometimes feel valued
    C. Just not worth samanai