How much money would the time of marriage kazi!!


When it comes to marriage registrar nikaha supplements or information on how to pay some interest. The information says Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Mr. Huq.


Didarul Alam MP in Parliament on Sunday (Chittagong-4 seats) in response to a question, he said.

The minister said that the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Rules in accordance with Rule 009 of the 1 nikaha and divorce registration fees to register a nikaha denamoharera 4 lakhs at the rate of 50 paise per Rs 1 thousand 1 can collect registration fees. Denamoharera 4 million for the next 100 to Rs 1 lakh denamoharera able to pay registration fees. However denamoharera whatever amount of money is less than the minimum fee will be 00.

He said the Muslim marriage and divorce, and divorce registration in accordance with Rule 2009 of the Rules 1 can receive a fee of Rs 500 for registrar. 50 received a copy of fees, travel expenses, and a search fee of Rs 10 to Rs 10 per kilometer fee you can take.



He marriage and divorce registration fees will be paid by the groom’s divorce case will be registered by the party that the party will have to pay.