How serious is the damage to your body burns, you know you never do not eat anymore!


Nawa-do not have time to eat? Quick foods habit? Fried, burnt meat from the roll, caumina? Be careful. The number is up stomach. Increasing the chances of colon cancer.

Endangering the packet of meat. Sausage, bacon, ham, salami hampering the love of the heart. Even bringing up cancer death. Street Foods chicken or mutton chop the deadly danger. Roll chicken, mutton roll, roll Pork, Chicken caumina, caumina Mutton, Pork Fried Rice caumina or mixed. Loading mind a little bit of money, comfort tongue. But the thought of what the future?

The International Agency for Research on cancer, study says, Beef, Pork, lamb and goat meat eating too much fried or burnt danger dark. Bacon, sausage, meat, like Hamburger roll or caumina same applies to the case or Fried Rice. Eating too much of these foods will increase the chances of prostate and colon cancer. The study found that worldwide, fifty men who were diagnosed with intestinal cancer, 95 per cent of the number.

Gradually increasing the number of bowel or colon cancer. Intestinal cancer is growing malignant tumors in the gut. It is more common in men aged 40 to 50. Or abnormal growth of tissue, cancer of the colon or Silit is palipasa. Hajamatantre the cancer, intestinal cancer in its second position. Position after stomach cancer. The cancer anemia, weight loss, appetite, etc. is. Splenomegaly, prasteteo infection spreads. Sometimes it spreads to the liver.

Experts say, a week, more than 500 villages, fried or burnt flesh shall not be eaten. Medical advice, fresh and processed, but the meat can be eaten. So, roll, Street Foods like cauminera not love to leave the stomach must be number is up, could lead to death.