How to change the fate of the new year !!


Katadina up and leave after only way of calculating 016. Turn to welcome the new year. However, before looking back to the good old bachareradike. Some good, some bad things as well as memories remain. Maybe it could have been avoided if a little conscious. But it’s almost hayeotheni. The new year is better not to make the same mistake again. And so, of course, comply with the ecosystem in search of riches at 017-TIPS.


1) There are pictures of all of the family living room? At a minimum, the group photo! If you do not remove hung. The important thing in the world for solidarity. Such as the ecosystem

Ii) study toward a child at the time? Keep in mind that he was sitting purbamukho. It is important to be attentive to their studies.

3) to open the front door of the house can be seen in the dining room? It is bound to be good. If you try to drag a an exclusive cover.


4) rotten food, dried flowers, torn clothes, discarded papers, deposit box in the room, not the best idea.