How to make mobile app!!


One of the many benefits of the device together with the use of smartphones is increasing day by day. There are a lot of things-entertainment smartphone app users. World of technology there is a huge market for apps. Therefore, the use of the manufacturer as well as the number of applications is increasing day by day in our country. Many apps are as a generation.


Mobile App usually 3 operating system (OS) or platform is made for. IOS (for iPhone), Android (Samsung, Sony, etc. For most smartphones), Windows (Microsoft). Of these, most people would use Android. Then, iOS and Windows.

App tutorials are available on the Internet for all types of building from the basics to advanced. There are text tutorials, video tutorials. Google search will be a lot of tutorials, take out the required text or video. Bengali as well as English and many blogs, tutorials can be found on the Internet. YouTube videos can be found on the app development. However, the patient should be.


Objective C programming language is used to create iOS apps. Java and C # for Windows will be out for Android. Programming lyanguyejagulo who do not know, they can learn on the Internet. Start with any programming language. Learn slowly, like if you would teaches speed.