How to protect yourself when you are harassed by the police without? Unquestionably


    The police has been called a friend of the people. But the recent disputed the police’s image has faded. Maha liberation of Bangladesh’s traditional role gave a big change. They were ready to give blood for the country if necessary. But in recent years, people’s lives and property in some parts of the police did not protect the people have chosen the path of violence.


    After police harassment or abuse from the police to get rid of some advice about what to do.

    “Torture and Custodial Death (Prevention) Act, 013” incident, according to the complaint can be submitted by anyone. Under this Act, the complainant, a complaint may be raising or both suffered. “Affected or aggrieved person” means the person under this Act, a person who is concerned about his or her relevant or have been tortured.
    Where to lodge a complaint

    On behalf of the aggrieved person or a third person who is not a senior judge in the court or any police officer under the Police Superintendent to be able to make a complaint of torture. After submitting a complaint to the Superintendent of Police or a senior official complaint within 4 hours Sessions Judge’s Court to submit a report. After submitting a complaint within 180 days of the cases to be settled. Otherwise appeared to cause an additional 30 days of the end of the course has the right to sue.



    Also a person who tortures any other person or a third person information that the complainant informed the court that the court recorded the statement of the person’s own comments on the provision of security would.