How to recover deleted pictures from mobile phone!


Suddenly, the sad picture of the sad event of the new phone is deleted. Delete the data required a lot of time. Phone could be worse, could be deleted for the virus. In cases where the data is how to save?


Some of the information you need to know

1. First, the set-up of the first memory card, select Keep as the default memory. Pictures are more likely to get it back. In most cases, mobile phone memory going to break the images and data can be deleted.

II. Secondly, a cloud backup drive can. The data and pictures on your phone or memory card, but the malfunction will be worse.

3. You can keep some of the software. Picture Recovery Software can search by typing into Google. And there are a lot of options. If you want to download and install software directly Asoftech Photo Recovery can.


Once you install and run the software on the computer. The pictures from the phone or camera memory card and the card reader in the computer, add the data has been deleted. After the software that will connect the new drive and select it. SOFTWARE ‘Scan Action “option and click. Delete the pictures will show you in a little while.