Hunks in the world! Niggardly heard the story hamsate hamsate flatter …??


hunks A woman in the world! He is an American. Green hetti his name. A resident of New York City. Together we are to get along with everyone. Our self with relatives, with friends. Pratidenera our lives are moving all the time with each of them different kinds of people.

Some stupid, some clever, some liberal, some hisebi, some having dozens of others penny pincher. Men and women are always ahead of the krpanatara.

A woman in the world hunks! He is an American. Green hetti his name. A resident of New York City. A wealthy businessman to have a reputation as having a woman’s all-time best.

He was so stingy that he did not use the hot water during the winter. Spends just 15 cents a kind of eat cold pudding. Until completely worn black clothes ever changing, he was not alone. The cost would be less water to wash hands, riding a very old car.

It is also heard that in order to save the cost of soap when his clothing became too dirty wash, only dirt field. This woman was a successful real estate businessman by profession. Born in 1835, she died in 1916 during construction of $ 95 million in the bank as the current nearly 75 million left.

He is one of the richest family in an event more surprising hetti Greene. Son broke his leg in a crash.

But he is not quick treatment at the dispensary with so much time spent in search of the damaged leg is useless! If you choose to think about the woman he was having!