If the computer hangs frequently do ??


To use the computer while the computer once it has been difficult to hang. And that means all the work computer hangs off the wait. This kind of work is important so that the suffering of the problem is not solved some of his Fox News reported

Restart the computer is very simple and basic solutions. If the computer does not work for any reason, the location of the power button down for 10 seconds after the restart the computer will be left behind. But it frequently can damage the computer.

If you go to the refrigerator or lock the computer frequently to keep some important work. If you start the computer in order to remove important files somewhere else. No problem, but do not lose important files.

After you turn on the computer to select the boot options to start Windows normally does. If you have more problems then select Safe Mode. If the computer is still a problem “Safe Mode with Networking” and select.


If you do not understand the problem and then run a computer software problem. Still, it will take over the computer hardware problem if the refrigerator.