If tyajyaputra a father to his son what he would be deprived of benefits?


If tyajyaputra a father to his son what he would be deprived of benefits?

The concept is common in our society, as well as any parents disowned his son was the child will be forever deprived of his inheritance to his father and mother. It was found that a lot of parents disowned his son declared, and wrote the affidavit that his death will not be a partner of the child’s estate.



There is absolutely no legal basis for such a declaration. Muslim family law clearly states who have been part of the inheritance will be and how much they will be. According to Muslim law, any child born in the family and they earned the right to inherit property can not be curtailed in any way.

However, some parents gift, devise or through the sale of their property can be handed over to anyone. Here we must remember that more than one-third by the will of Muslim law can not be transferred and will become effective after the person’s death. No lifetime property of their parents or anyone else if we do not give a proper manner if they do not sell their children after the death of the heir abadharitabhabei partner of the property will be left behind.

But tyajyaputra lifetime just announced that in the future children to be deprived of property without the children would not disown. The children’s parents must be part of the property. Execution of any document or announcement to be disowned by affidavit before the law is obsolete and there is no opportunity to enforce through the courts. If the parents say that their children tyajyaputra has announced and other partners are trying to deprive the children of their property can take refuge in the law.

If you want to document the civil court rejected the parents can file the litigation. If any of the parents of their disobedient children deprived of any property if you want to sell or alive donated the property to someone else will have to give up possession of the property.


Parents must remember that whatever inheritance left by himself, no matter what their legal heirs of the estate after the death of his partner will be. This person alive can not be denied in accordance with Muslim law announced.