If you think this line up before marriage


    Man or woman, both married to the second life. But just when the marriage will be happy if it is? Some fields can be taken to advance the understanding of marriage in the next life will be like? Everyone has different ideas about marriage colorful.



    At what age should just get married? Are we going to get married who love him? Or the family can share all seekers? A lot of questions. So the big question will be a happy marriage? It gives up a lot of questions. Many of you may disbelieve, but believe that astrology is the answer to all the questions on the palm of the hand.

    Hand lines seen, could be the marriage later in life. It is understood, the marriage may be relaxed. If the claim can not be fully matched, because astrology is not judged just by hand to see the line. He is to see some signs. The basic idea can be found at the upper line. The first thing you need to know any of the line indicates the marriage. According to this line of astrology marriage or marriage-line line. The line is not just the surface of the palm.

    Hand side at the bottom of the younger. Not a line can have more than one wife. At any age to get married? If the marriage line is smaller and younger finger if it is too close to marriage are more likely to be delayed. I will have to wait 40 years. They were married at around the age of 40.

    And if this marriage of the younger line a bit away from the wedding flower blooms early. 0 years of marriage, flat-footed sit around. And the younger you are never far from the line of marriage, if that happens it is very near, around 30 years of marriage.


    If you add more than one line of marriage is to marry more than one. Again, some cases of marriage, but the relationship did not last long. Before or after the wedding is more than one relationship. If you do not like the line of marriage line is one that looks like a lot of chains are not, however, determined to get married. Marriage means having a screw-like chain line, the relationship is more likely to be prickly. In all cases showed signs of being a very bad outcome for the wedding.