If you want to avoid bad luck? Do not keep these things under a bed, then forgotten


In Feng Shui has been charged under the bed to keep a few things in particular. What thing? Come to know itself


Ecology of Feng Shui believe that the fate of the people in its habitat structure, etc. Based on the location of furniture inside the house. Feng Shui is like, each object has its own energy or power.

This energy can be positive or beneficial and negative or harmful. The negative energy is completed, they no longer have any exposure could affect people’s lives. That no man spends a large part of the day in bed. In addition to sleep at night or rest
If necessary, the bed can be used. Feng Shui at the bottom of the bed to keep certain things are prohibited. What thing? Come to know itself

1. Footwear: According to Feng Shui the anucit under a bed to keep your shoes. Sleep disturbances may occur when the shoes under a bed during the night. Do not sleep in spite of the physical fatigue can be a problem.


II. Props to play: play clothes, exercise equipment, etc. If the ball or the bat is disturbing, there was also sexual life turmoil.