If you want to get rid of the liver before going to bed eat this meal


The liver is an important organ of the body (liver). Libharai responsible for the metabolic functions of our body.

According to researchers, the liver is called the silent killer disease. For any liver disease is usually diagnosed at an early stage. As the disease progresses and Lakshmana was released.

If you have liver problems you may experience pain in the right upper abdominal area, or you can experience frequent acid reflux. You can increase your sweat and sudden weight will increase.

In addition, unhealthy eating habits, stress, alcohol, smoking, etc. liver damage.

There are some signs of liver problems are seen to be understood as repeated vomiting, pale stool, nausea after eating the bitter, Bile problems, stomach pain after eating fatty foods, the pain in the eyes, drawn fatigue, hemorrhoids and varicose vein permanently.