If you want to save or delete Mobile Facebook App!


Because of different apps installed on smartphones do not have long to charge. Devours a very short time charge for mobile apps social networking site.

A survey conducted recently tekaoyarlda Zone, a technology company, whose aim was to find out the reason for the rapid decline in phone charges. The study report, issued on behalf of the organization, regular full charge after charge the phone Facebook app is responsible for the loss.

The study report, Facebook is now the world’s most popular apps of the Android phone. Nearly 85 percent of the installed application on the phone. But this is obviously hampering the phone battery.

According to researchers, a Facebook app, which is always run in the background. Have to send notification. Moreover, Facebook Messenger app to continue the notification message. As a result, when you’re not using Facebook or Messenger, is still the secret of this app, your phone charge decay.

The study report, had done all kinds of other mobile phone in the Facebook app can be uninstalled, then charge mobile phone 0 percent increase in life expectancy. That is the normal state of charge in 10 hours on the phone, if you uninstall the Facebook app can be seen, the phone will be charged 1 hour.

Expert advice, Facebook, Chrome or any other browser through the sad and the work is good. Facebook the day of the match from the notification of the release, the byatarirao will be good for your phone. However, if there is no mobile Facebook Messenger adanapradane error message occurs. Therefore, there is no choice but to keep on Messenger. But the Facebook Messenger app will be able to uninstall the battery life of the phone. The phone to surf Facebook applications, such as metal can be used.


The company also claimed that the Android Central, away from the phone when the phone’s Facebook app is significantly higher speed. Rise up against the authorities published a press release Facebook app, Facebook did not deny the accusations. Rather said, “Facebook App loss resulting from the use of quick phone charge, saying that we have heard. This app is updated as soon as possible, we’re trying to deal with the problem. “