In addition to natural hair straight hair iron!


At the present time is an issue common to straight hair. Many people have straight hair with hair streinara.


There are some side effects to the hair straight streitanara. Ends cracked, rough hair loss, hair fall is one of growth. Many of the parlor instead of the ribandim streinarera hair. Ribandim parlor to be a bit more expensive. Domestic straight hair is done in some ways.
1. Coconut milk: Coconut milk straight hair that makes saini. One cup of coconut milk with lemon juice mixed well and keep in refrigerator for a few hours. When the thick worms and apply scalp massage. After 30 minutes shampoo. Comb wet hair with the comb.

II. Milk: This method requires you to straight hair just 1/3 cup milk, 1/3 cup of water and a spray curly botalacula is a combination of more than two tablespoons of honey can be mixed. Milk and water in a bowl and mix well. Pour in the spray bottle. Take exceeded the tangle of hair with a large tooth comb. Spray the mixture on the whole hair. Be sure to spray all the better.


3. Fuller’s earth: a cup of fuller’s earth, an egg white, rice flour and two tablespoons of water and mix well. Mix this paste with good hair. Take amcariye hair with a large tooth comb. Thus one hour of the day. Spray the hair with milk. After 15 minutes, the hair shampoo.
4. Aloe Gel: Aloe Gel half a cup of warm olive oil to the mix. Jack kidnappings of oil or rosemary oil to mix. Scalp massage it well. Stay in one of the two hours. Then remove hair shampoo.

Straight natural hair can not overnight. For this to be a bit more patient. Regular use of this pyakagulo hair will be straight.