In ancient times, people were living in the Sundarbans! Researcher had leaked the secret !!


Gabhirei of the ancient civilization of the forest. The evidence found in the Sundarbans civilization. Some in the forest surrounded by mangroves archaeological matched, indicating that people had lived in the Sundarbans mauryayugeo. At least 322185 BC this civilization is believed to have at least 500-600 years.

Ghamtale history is known, in 1757, the second Mughal Emperor alamagirerara Sundarbans from the East India Company. Then in 1764 came the first map of the Sundarbans. But recently it became known that a lot of these people lived in the region before. But how the end of civilization, it is not clear.

One of the most important behind the scenes role in the discovery of fishermen Biswajit Sahu. He was wandering in the forest to catch a variety of fish on the island. Terracotta found in many toys, he collected some of the ancient beads necklace. Thus, he has collected about 15 thousand antiquities. Since the search began. Phanikanta excavations are led by Mishra.


In addition to the world of toy houses several ancient human skulls, bones Biswajit was collected. Experts said that the patterns of the inhabitants of the ancient civilization. According to phanikanta mixed forest to maintain this civilization was during the early Gupta period.