In Australia the opportunity to study for free …


Australia’s Adelaide University of Adelaide has to offer scholarships for study International Scholarship Program. Under this scholarship graduate and PhD students from around the world will be able to.

Recently 201718 pieicadite academic graduate and Adelaide University admission notice has been published. Digrigulo all things that can be taught in the university.

The selected students will receive scholarships interesting. Students study and live in a nearly 20 million a year towards the cost of the money will be given. Period of two years post-graduate degrees. PhD degree for three years but can be extended if necessary.

Students from all over the world, with the exception of Australia and New Zealand can apply. Australia’s first class of students to apply for graduate degree must be equivalent. In addition, all subjects at the undergraduate level (courses) must be completed as well.

Students will be given based on merit scholarship and research skills. Under the time of application for admission to the university as an international student scholarship must be specified. During the study will have the same position.

Interested candidates can apply directly online. Under the first semester scholarship at the University of Adelaide last date of January 1, 2017. The second semester will have the opportunity on April 30, 2017.