In order to lighten the skin color, simple and efficient 3 ways!


    Who does not want to do a little lighter skin color? Dinayapane daily skin colors are especially beautiful has become increasingly dark, so, regrettably there is no end to them. But the beauty parlor tritamenate to lighten the color that costs a lot! Do not worry, we got you home beauty salon today!


    Almost without any expense to be able to lighten their skin color, it is absolutely naturally, without any side effects!
    Potatoes are a great ingredient to lighten the color. And in all of this component is always at home.

    – Take Great potatoes. The Great nina potato chips out of juice in the face of this juice makhuna wait until dry. You can then wash the face nina Rose makhatena potato juice.
    The lighter color is the green papaya: Yes, like a very cheap and readily available raw papaya is highly effective component to lighten your color. It takes surprised to hear the truth! The juice of raw papaya nina little juice Take the cotton ball diye pheluna 0 minutes after washing the face can also daily without fear of any side effects!


    Rasei solution of lemon: Lemon rice platter is not leaving without? Use it rupacarcateo Now! Fresh lemon juice squeezed lemon juice in the face and the hands and feet of the barrier that nina makhuna pheluna 10-15 minutes and wash it in the course of the night. The lemon is a natural bleach. Therefore, the use of lemon 7/8 hours after the sun did not go well.

    Tips: If you want the sun to maintain the color of the skin of fair use sunscreen and umbrellas Karan.