In the last six months is gold! How much is the price?


The marriage market. However, most of the crop notasankate wedding shopping. Gold purchases have affected the marriage. In the meantime, the new rumor caura over fears of increased gold.

Was heard, and the gold, or the woman from the home, men can wear jewelry that will be imposed restrictions on the amount of storage. It’s not that people are relieved after relying on the central government. More good news, the price of gold to fall short of the circumstances.

The price of gold fell by Rs 350 to 10 grams. For the first time in the last 6 months as the price of gold fell. As a result, 10 grams of gold price in Delhi is now reduced from Rs 29000 to Rs 28850.

Twenty-carat gold at Kolkata, the price dropped from Rs 27990 to Rs 27650. 4 carat gold price in Kolkata is Rs 2957219.

Gold prices in the domestic market and reduce its impact on the world price of gold has said, the national organization of gold sellers. Notabatilera due to reduced demand for gold as well.

The number of people buying less notasankate gold jewelry traders say. Gold prices in the domestic market has greatly reduced the influence of these two, they are claimed to be.

However, note that the crisis in this market, people buying gold jewelry show much interest expressed doubts about the sbarnabyabasayira.