Increase muscle strength and helps prevent the growth of pomegranate!!


Pomegranate or to increase muscle strength and work against the growth of age, researchers said. This research has shown that pomegranate juice when we eat, our body produces molecules called on iurilithina.


When these molecules are altered by the muscles of the stomach microbe cells that help protect against maturity and increases muscle mass. Let’s learn more about the study.

With increasing age, such as mitochondria recycling (Recycle and re-use chemicals to make the recycling process) is to continue to fight for our cells. As a result, cells lose the ability to raise saktighara known as the mitochondria and the cell’s vital functions are to be submitted.

The loss or degradation pesisaha impact on many tissues. As a result, the body’s muscles began to weaken gradually and in a variety of age-related diseases continues to grow.

Iurilithina defective mitochondria recycling helps to restore power.