Increased price of gold!


After four rounds of price reductions in the last six months at the beginning of the new year, the price of gold has increased business.

The new mulyatalikaya quality gold bharite increasing by one thousand 283 rupees.

Bajusera rate determined in accordance with the jewelry in Bangladesh, Saturday from good quality (X carat) gold bharira (11 percent of 664 grams) price of Rs 73 to 46 thousand, 44 thousand, which was selling at Tk 790.

Bharite increase of Rs 342 will be sold in 1-carat gold, 3 and 44 thousand rupees, which was earlier Rs 4 thousand 691.

The new price of 18 carat gold, 38 thousand 491 rupees, 34 rupees 37 thousand, which was before. Bharite prices of Rs 457.

Bharite traditional methods of increasing the price of gold was Rs 50 Rs 5 thousand to 78, 4 of which were found at 8.

Bharite silver prices rose Rs 58 to Rs one thousand 108, which was 50 thousand.

January 14, Saturday, from gold and silver, the new prices will come into effect bajusera general secretary Dilip Kumar Agarwal told the media, “recent increases in gold prices in the international market has to adjust the price in the local market.”


Since June of last year’s trend, good quality gold prices (X Caret) three thousand 557 grams less money. Declined scored 1 carat, 18 carat gold price and the traditional methods.