Increasing the price of gas at the beginning of the new year …


Increasing the price of gas at the beginning of the new year. Increased gas prices will take effect from January first. The price increase will be announced next week, according to the Energy Regulatory Commission. The revenue increase is unreasonable decision to raise gas prices ayuhate cab. The company is required to go to court.


The use of gas for cooking advice to the government discourages the use of LP gas. Ganasunanite residential gas prices due to price hike last August, had proposed 84 percent increase. One thousand two hundred and one two-oven stove to one thousand rupees for it comes from the distributor companies. CNG industry sectors, as well as the proposal to increase the price of gas was 140 percent.

Distribution of the company’s proposal to review the data and come up ganasunanite. Biiarasi increased gas prices will be announced within a few days.

Gas sales revenue from 00 million to 5 thousand foreign companies to raise gas taxes and VAT is going to raise the price of gas by adding biiarasi.

The decision to increase the price of unreasonable demands, saying such a move legal battle against the decision of the consumer organization cab if necessary.

Power, industrial, abasikasaha all sectors of the country’s 320 billion cubic feet of daily gas demand. In contrast, local companies and the IOC is providing 70 million cubic feet of gas. The government has taken initiatives to meet the shortage of liquid gas.