India, the world’s biggest Use bombs!!


In the world’s more than 2016 bomb blasts occurred in India. National bombs Centre (enabidisi) said in a report.


The world’s war-torn Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan more than a bomb blast in India, many were surprised. According to the report, especially when it is lower than in neighboring countries, Pakistan has the bomb exploded.

Enabidisira citing Indian media reports, the blast occurred in 2016 406, India. Which was the highest in the world. But the count has been added to the armory explosion.


406 explosions in India despite the war-torn country at the same time, nearly half of the 221 seats in Iraq exploded. In addition, 161 in Pakistan, Afghanistan, 13 cases, 29 cases in Turkey, 71 in Thailand, South Africa, 63, 56 in Syria, Egypt and Bangladesh T 9 42 exploded.

The enabidisi an investigation on behalf of the Indian commando enaesajira as is.