India will increase the speed of the computer, at least 10 times at the bar ??


Although late, India’s telecommunications system was a radical change in a groundbreaking step.

After a long wait and a half decades. ‘Nuclear Research of the European Union’ or ‘sarna of India is going to be an associate member.

“Sarna phyabiola jionettira of the Director-General in Mumbai on Monday with a historic agreement was signed by the Chairman of India’s Atomic Energy Commission. Shekhar Basu. After an official notification issued by the central government, “an official told sarnake his readiness to” go sarna, India’s Associate Member will be no obstacle.


The membership ‘sarnake annually from now on India will contribute 80 million. Earlier in Asia, only one country in modern science major, expensive and modern laboratory center “of sarna has become an associate member. Pakistan.