Instant dog bites do ??


Accidents can occur suddenly in the streets. Dogs that bite. Dog bites are more painful and serious. Rabies from dog bites can be. The rabies virus is rebisa. This is a snayujanita disease.

Rebisa dog virus from saliva and from the nerves to the leg wound may cause this disease. If the problem is rabies nerves. Which may occur due to inflammation in the brain. Esophageal inflammation in the brain can be severe contraction. The patient can not tolerate any light or sound. All of these symptoms occurs, the patient should go to the doctor. But dog bites are initially to take some action. These actions can prevent the worst shape.

Clean the wound:
First, place the wound with a clean towel hold. And the more the dog bite well with soap and water clean.


Ayantibyakateriyala better to use soap. It is eliminating bacteria and other germs. Do not grease too much time to clean the wound.