Is it OK to take a bath every day in the winter?


Winter weather is humid. Therefore, the skin becomes dry. Like skin extra care at this time. Many of those who bathe in the winter a little reduced. The good or bad, says the eminent dermatologists said. Ahmed Ali.


Today, December 5, NTV regularly organizes ‘health day’ program, 2226 was circulated at the discussion stage.

Question: What do we do to keep the skin in winter, we feel we are on this topic. Because the heat coming winter. A changing climate. What do you do to keep the skin at the time?

Answer: At this time, humidity decreases. The skin becomes dry. This is the main change. After the skin becomes dry and scaly. So are dry skin, their skin can be torn. Many of itchy skin becomes itchy. Even those more dry skin, blood bursting out of their skin. Many people suffer from problems such as burst feet on a cold day.


If a patient on a hot day like I am, this is my problem increases when winter. Not only cracked feet, which suskatajanita diseases such as eczema, soriyasisa severity of these diseases is increased. The skin becomes dry as a result of a decrease in humidity. For this we need to change some of our lifestyle.