Is the owner of 35 acres of land among the poor pay 10 kg of rice??


Campainababaganjehatadaridradera 10 kg of rice kardapacchena 5 acres to 35 acres of land from the owner of the land owner.

Gomastapur Chanpainawabganj Nachole and poor districts pay 10 kg of rice and ruling party leaders are influential. Nachole 4 on the list of union representatives and local Awami League leaders in more than half of about 5 thousand cards have been distributed in the name of the dominant and ruling party activists and their relatives.

According to the fact finding mission, Nachole Alhaj Hafiz Uddin of village under Sadar union dulahara Raju Ahmed, son of the owner of 35 acres of land, but it has been poor card. Janabaksera the same village, the son of late Awami League leader has been known as Nur-Nabi card. Locals nuranabi 1520 acres of land,

the owner and his son works in Singapore. The complaint against the resurrection of the dead, and Karamat son ahira box. They own 30 acres of land. Besides the village, the son of late Abdur Rahman Mondal kangalu 0 acres of land, the owner of the card, but he took the poor. On the other hand nejamapura gosaipura Union, tikaila, kajalakesara rich country has to pay 10 kg of rice card. Among them high school teacher Abdul Sweet,


13 acres of land owned by the village gosaipura Ekramul Haque, son of Nazrul Islam, Khan said the 8 acres of land owned by the son of a necklace box, 7 acres of land owned by the wife of Piara saphiulera Some Khatun. MP Mohammad these issues. Golam Mostafa said the allegations investigated food Gomastapur district officials have been asked to submit a report. Reports will be taken if necessary.