Is to reduce the suffering of the passengers ‘Rapid Pass’


Passenger fares in the capital of harassment is nothing new. Reduce suffering for all public transport passengers’ Rapid pass as steps have been taken to introduce a card.


Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority (DTCA) and the Agreement between the Dutch-Bengali Bank has been completed.
After the signing, Minister of Road Transport and bridges minister, “Rapid Pass” with the introduction of the citizens can travel freely in trouble. The card can not be fake. ”

“Rapid Pass” with the introduction of the passengers do not have to buy the bus tickets. The recharge of the cyclists pass through the city, they are able to travel any distance.

According to the ministry, the capital of e-ticketing system integrated public transport system to bring technical assistance of Japan International Cooperation Agency JICA-DTCA, “the Clearing House for styabalisamenta intigretim transport ticketing system in the area of Dhaka City ‘has taken the name of a project. The project cost has been estimated at Rs 39 crore. Nearly 8 million of JICA and the Government of Bangladesh is around 10 million. 017 projects from June 2018 until June period.


The combination of more than one transport provider in rent and rental distribution system and card management structure for the project will be a clearing house. Banks will have to run the Clearing House Clearing House, which is relevant to the transportation service provider will arrange to send money to their own accounts. Rapid passes and recharge of the fee payable for the operation and maintenance of the Clearing House will work.