Ishtiaq body hoping to survive!


14-year-old girl has died of cancer. Medicine could not save him this time. Today, 100 years later, science will be able to do, what I can not say. So she wanted to be buried after death. Went on to say, as if his body is frozen and stored. Cestatuku the future world will be able to return his soul.

UK judiciary have shown little respect for her wishes. One of the country’s unprecedented ruling, the High Court has allowed the preservation of the body of the girl.

Details she wrote to the judge, “I do not want to die. Although I know that I’m going to die. However, after 100 years when stored in the body as well, and I will have the chance to wake up. ”

His identity was not disclosed at the request of the girl. He went on to say, only you can decide about his mother’s corpse.

Peter Jackson told the jury verdict in this case, she considered something other than science. The girl’s father did not approve of the preservation of the body. But above all, he thought about the welfare of the child’s wish.

In the meantime, krayonikasa the London girl’s body has been saved. According to the US Institute of krayonikasa, about eight days after the death of the girl’s body with ice on October 5 last year has been saved. Her family was forced to pay for 46 thousand dollars.