Jene Nin Rup chorca use rose water !!

Rupacarcaya rose water can be used safely everyday. This can eliminate skin fatigue as well as skin brightening.

Know how to use everyday beauty routine golapajala

– The rose water in the fridge to cool. Stay in bed for a while on the eyes with cotton soaked in cold golapajale. Swelling of the eyes, nausea can be reduced.
– The bathtub while bathing or water 1 cup rose water and mix. Cut smoothness throughout the day.

– Golapajale cotton soaked in a few drops of coconut oil a day. It will work great as a makeup remover.
– You can use rose water as a natural toner.
– After waxed cotton soaked in rose water on the skin is uncomfortable to remove.
– Dry and pale skin care peerless rose water.
– Skin to skin, fatigue, rose water spray to cool slightly. Take instant neat.