‘Jungle Jungle hyaya arthritis exercise of the little singer now?


Sunday’s nine compulsive akarsana mean to children’s TV. Just one hour from noon to 1 pm, starting with the world. Mowgli, sand, tigers, ka, Aquila, and the reign of Sher Khans. But beyond all the ears were the only one hoping to hear that song again.


On Sunday afternoon, he alluring tunes like meat than rice. Kanthastha kids at that time was’ Jungle Jungle arthritis hyaya drive of each tune, every word. But he is such a popular song whose neck could be seen in the light of publicity. Sunday afternoon, a young man was stuck in the throat of the country in the eyes of the little TV screen, is he really? Where now is the owner of the neck?


No! Sunday was the singer of the little wizard, Amal Sahadeva. He is currently a 35-year-old IT worker. He is the senior manager of Tata Communications Noida. But how had the good fortune to sing the popular tele-series was the Amal?