Kaba Sharif necessary to protect the troops: PM !!


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina told the cabinet, if necessary, to protect the Kaaba Sharif and mosques nababi will be sent to the Bangladesh Army. The Saudi-led military coalition did not decide to join.

Regular cabinet meeting on Monday briefed the Prime Minister on this issue. After the meeting, Cabinet Secretary Mohammad Shafiul Alam told a press briefing.

Today’s Cabinet meeting was held at the National Assembly and the Cabinet briefing was held at the conference. After the meeting, the cabinet secretary said, the meeting of the Bangladesh National Cadet Corps 016 draft law has been approved. Secretary BNCC no legal framework in the country was not so.


The new directorate will be formed under the law of Bangladesh National Cadet Corps. To be headed by the Director General and the Advisory Committee will be headed by the Secretary of Defense. The first light sutrah