Keep a regular intake of these foods increase retention


How much memory is required for us to say there is no respite. Forgotten is a very common procedure. Memory weakens with time.

However, the effects of a prolonged period of time can be. Heart, lung, muscle care if you have to be careful with the healthy side of your brain.

Memory decline with age. There are also a lot of memories of child problems.

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO), around the world about the terrible facts of dementia or dementia has increased.

According to them, the world number four crore 75 lakh retention samasyajanita disease. Every year more than 70 million 70 thousand people in this group are associated.

The current production rate of cells in the human brain down. Wellness and will increase efficiency of the brain.

Healthy food not only keeps the body fit, keeps the brain healthy. Often such events occur, you went to the bedroom to the kitchen thinking something. What came to be forgotten, but without leaving the kitchen?