Keep collection tathyaguloh losing national identity, what do you do when you make a mistake, or the new?

National identity card has been lost, if you make a mistake, or what to do when a new identity? Many of the mistakes made in a variety of national identity is also suffered. Many of the people who are ignorant about the new identity they want.
How do, where do things like do not know what it will take. Following are some methods to solve the problem and hope it will benefit everyone.

ID’s name, father, mother, husband, wife, parents name, date of birth, blood group and may have to change or correct your address. The candidates for the white paper, the voter list with photographs and national identity cards of providing assistance to prakalpa paricalakerakache to apply. On the seventh floor of the building project at the Islamic Foundation Agargaon the application or the form can be found in the table.

After completing the form and submitting the project’s specific counters from the acknowledgment (receipt nambarasambalita) is given. It will specify the date of the revised national identity. The date of introduction must be corrected within seven days from the counter.

The name on the ID sansodhanah one’s own name, father, husband, or if you want to modify the name of his mother, he will be required to submit with the application

1. SSC or equivalent certification
II. Citizenship certificates
3. Birth certificate
4. Proof of employment
5. Passport
6. Nikahanama
7. Father, mother, husband or photocopies of national identity.

These documents must be attached with the application must be attested. In this case, which is referred to in the document, which is required only. For example, the low educational qualification SSC, the SSC will be required to submit a photocopy of a certificate or equivalent. If someone does not work, do not give him a certificate of employment. If you do not need to have the passport again.