King Khan, moving house, how much? If you would surprise !!


He is the owner of a remote village in Jharkhand Mumbai mannatera Jean glossy. Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan’s home in mannata tell everyone you know with one voice.


Bollywood King Khan, this is the first time the house was known to everyone, but no address, his second home. Shahrukh Khan may actually be the second running of his home address. Shah Rukh Khan has such a house, which is called the movie world vanity van.

However, regardless of the Shahrukh Khan to say! Come home, his face completely different car.

Shahrukh Khan to work on this car is a Volvo B 9, and the house is actually van. Shahrukh Khan has been designed specifically for running the house. There are four rooms in the house. A bed room. A meeting room.

A makeup-cum-changing room to change clothes. There is a toilet. Body-building is about 14 meters in length. There is currently 80 square feet of space inside. This car has been designed to work specifically for Shahrukh Khan’s famous designer company DC Design Studio.


Count the future design of the hydraulic system in DC quite a bit more space would be increased, he said.