Know the Benefits of a myrobalan 20!!

How do you want to know? 20. Let us know the benefits of eating a day myrobalan samparke

1) myrobalan hair tonic and hair care as an important element in the case. Not only does it strengthen the hair root, it helps hair growth.

Ii) eliminate the problem, and it khusakira hair gray hair prevention.

3) myrobalan juice can overcome the problem of constipation and piles. It also helps to prevent indigestion and abdominal disturbances.

4) a glass of milk or water mixed with a myrobalan flour and a little sugar can eat twice a day. Eyasidetera low will help keep the problem.

5) half a glass of crushed dry fruits soaked in water consumption can be cut digestion problems. Myrobalan conduct with meals helps digestion.

6) Every morning myrobalan juice mixed with honey can be eaten. The black spots on the skin will be removed and the skin brightness.

7) myrobalan juice helps to improve eyesight. In addition, a variety of eye problems such as eye inflammation. Eyes itch and water helps to reduce the problem.

8) myrobalan beneficial for maintaining good eye. It phaito-chemicals, which helps prevent eye dijenaresana with zari.

9) also plays a breath odor are removed from the juice amalakira every day and have strong teeth.

10) myrobalan taste sour and bitter taste and enhances the face. To boost growth and hungry Interests myrobalan powder mixed with a little honey and butter can eat before they eat.

11) enhances the immune system and reduces stress.

1), cough, vomiting, insomnia, pain-pain myrobalan helpful.

13) myrobalan juice is beneficial for bronchitis and asthma.

14) keeps the body cooler, the body increases the efficiency, strong muscle.

15) This is the heart, lungs and brain power is strengthened. Myrobalan pickles or jelly brain and heart weakness away.

16) helps the body shed unwanted fat.

17) also increases the number of red blood cell has good teeth and nails.

18) eyantiaksidenta material helps prevent free ryadikalasa. The cause of the free and cell dijenaresanera old ryadikalasa.

19) The cold, gastroenteritis and anemia reduction works well.

20) in the control of blood sugar levels helps prevent diabetes. To keep cholesterol levels low enough to help.