Know what is a brain tumor? Why and to whom the case has become a trend …


What is a brain tumor?
Dr. Abu Sayeed: tumors anywhere in the body or part of the growth of abnormal cells. And when the tumor is in the brain, then we call it a brain tumor.


What are the symptoms?
Dr. Abu Sayeed: brain tumor symptoms may vary each time. The main or the usual signs of headaches, nausea or vomiting, and the gradual loss of sight to catch these three cases, we can all tumors. In addition, a lot of other patient symptoms. For example, the patient may have convulsions, or the body becomes weak in any one hand, or arm or leg may change his mental state, his conduct would abnormalities. In many cases, a lack of hormone hypersecretion or may arise. Which manifest themselves in a variety of brain tumor patients.

That is why a brain tumor?
Dr. Abu Sayeed: brain tumor, because until now unknown. The worst forms of cancer, brain tumors in the body goes to another place. May be due to hereditary brain tumor.