Kolkata Bangladesh Nusrat music video …


Kolkata is one busy actress Nusrat Jahan in Qatar. Bangladesh is less than his prestige. Market demand for its audience to think about the creation of a film director, he thought of the film, still thinking.


However, maybe the heroine Her debut music video by Bangladesh is going to be. However, the new music video for the song guhara constant current models are discussed singer Nusrat. Half months ago, he went to Kolkata constant nusaratake Guha has contracted.

Today, the heroine of her new film, ‘Repent byandaoyalara are busy campaigning. When the film was released in January or February to Dhaka Nusrat song would work as a model.

The news was confirmed by the constant guhara Jago News Sources close and trusted. According to the sources, the constant surprises Guha gave each of its music video. The audience was delighted. This year has been a surprise to nusaratake. Who said anything about that to make the music source.


Guhara constant contact with the artist, he said, “After a while I’ll see everything. I want to give good news to organize all publicly beaten. Erabesi hate to say something now. “