Land registration rules !!


The transfer of the property (Amendment) Act, pursuant to Section 004 of the 54 in the written agreement and the sale of immovable property registered. Specific remedy (Amendment) Act in accordance with the provisions of section 004 of the 1 through the courts enforce the terms of the agreement are as follows:


    Without advance written agreement and registered a strong case can not be enforced through the courts.
Hansel remaining money can not be filed if the court did not submit.

It is the time of registration documents to:

The Act added a new section 5 of this document rejistrarim officer in accordance with the provisions of the documents presented in a document that is not registered is attached to the bottom of the papers:

State Acquisition and Tenancy Act, 1950, prepared in accordance with the provisions of the latest record of the property, the seller’s name, inherit if he is the owner of the property otherwise than formula.
The latest record produced in accordance with the provisions of the Tenancy Act, the vendor name or vendor name of the predecessor inherited the property if he receives.
The nature of the property.
Property prices.


  Catursima design, including the Property.
Over the past 5 years, a summary of ownership.
An affidavit to this effect by the donor (Affidavit) to be executed in that he did not sell the property to anyone and it is already mentioned in documents of the property owner